Hello world, what’s happening? So I’m so sick of the modern music industry where people basically don’t have to pay Jack shit to listen to your art,  I’ve taken my music down from all streaming services. Have also sacked Distrokid. When I can get round to it will upload somethingContinue Reading

Hello world, haven’t written anything for a while, been kinda busy having a hip replacement. I was terrified before, during and still am after. It was a harrowing ordeal, don’t do it!! Anyway, I’m less than a week post op and yay, have developed insomnia! Who doesn’t want that? GoingContinue Reading

Come on people, we are living through a killer virus that has taken the lives of over 1,000,000 people worldwide, AND the livelihood of thousands of others! Start helping humanity and wear a mask when you go out!! It’s not that difficult! STOP saying incredibly idiotic things like ” don’tContinue Reading

Hey there! Hope everybody is safe and well and keeping busy despite this worldwide killer. Just a quickie today, I have a new song coming out on Monday the 12th October (next Monday!!), so be sure to pre-save it wherever your preferred streaming place is! Massive thanks to anyone whoContinue Reading