Insomnia/Hip Replacement

Hello world, haven’t written anything for a while, been kinda busy having a hip replacement. I was terrified before, during and still am after. It was a harrowing ordeal, don’t do it!!

Anyway, I’m less than a week post op and yay, have developed insomnia! Who doesn’t want that? Going to bed shattered after being up till 7am the night before just pissing around on the net wasting time, and just lying there wide awake. Then getting up and here I am, again…this is becoming an ugly circle….and the best thing is, apparently this lasts weeks!

So what’s new? Larkin Poe are still ace, Rob Chapman is still cool as fuck/funny as fuck/a great guitarist, the world is still in the grip of a killer virus that’s ruining lives/businesses/the world, Trump is still a living, breathing adult toddler, so life goes on the same it seems, nothing has changed while I’ve been in hospital, except now my world is shattered because I can’t fucking sleep!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggg!!!

At least there’s one saving grace while I’m stuck indoors almost immobile, the darts World Championships has started!! Don’t care? Well I do and it will keep me occupied till January! Who’s your money on? MVG might be coming back to his real self just at the right time…. but for the first time in a long time there are soooo many superb players around. Would you bet against Jose de Sousa or Simon Whitlock or a slew of other aces? Me neither.

I also have 8 harmonicas looking at me right now, pity it’s 2am and too late to play! Got a new guitar on it’s way too!! A resonator no less! I wonder when I’ll be able to play that?? Can’t even sit properly yet!

Anyway, bollocks, I’m off to see what rabbit holes I can lose myself in on YouTube or the like. I really should read a paperback book, but haven’t had a real, paper book since life became all about screens. Screens keep you awake, books help you sleep….. there’s a lesson there somewhere..

Peace out – The Online Busker

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