Hey all! So it’s been a year today since I had my second stroke, and wow what a year it’s been! We can all agree 2020 is a mess, right? I’ve just been keeping my arms busy trying to play guitar again, and keeping my mind busy writing new songs. I even have the first one out on Spotify and all platforms if you want to have a listen!

Currently workin on 3 more songs for my first EP, “Dear Eric”, a blues EP.

I’m doing much better these days, although energy levels have dropped considerably. I read somewhere that a healthy brain starts the day at 100%, fully recharged, while an affected brain starts the day at around 75% and runs down a lot quicker. (have you heard anything like that? let me know!). Probably why I can’t seem to work as much these days and don’t have the energy for the 5,6,7 km walks I used to do in the mornings.

Really want to start walking again, when summer finally ends! It’s too hot to go for long walks when it’s 32 degrees, hopin it cools down a bit over the next couple of weeks.

So here’s hopin for the best for another year and hope I keep improving! I hope for the best for you too! I hope you are doing what you love and enjoying life!

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Stay safe everyone!

Peace & love

–The Online Busker

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