Hey all, how are things now we are seemingly coming through the dark days? Here in Spain, in the city where I live, many people are acting like it’s all over and life is back to normal. The terraces are full, many places evidently don’t care about social distancing, wearing masks or anything…Is it the same where you are?
Then of course there are the flat earth, tin-foil hat-wearing simpletons who think it’s all been a hoax. I want those people to go and talk to doctors and nurses and see what they say…

If I’m honest, my life hasn’t changed all that much, I work from home anyway and as a YouTuber/musician I spend an inordinate amount of time at home, in my music room….only nipping out every now and then for the essentials, meds, milk, beer………. of course, I miss going to the pub and playing darts, but that will come, when I think it’s safe to do so….not yet!

I honestly don’t think people get it at all, or they don’t care enough, that by going outside without a mask (where I live I see fewer and fewer people every day without masks, and it’s mandatory to wear them outside!!) they are still potentially spreading COVID-19 around all over the place!
A guy on Twitter only yesterday said he lost his cousin to the virus, because it thickens the blood (apparantley? I hadn’t heard that before) and gave his cousin a massive heart attack. PEOPLE ARE STILL DYING!!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS!!!

Please please please everybody, think of other people and not just yourself!

We all have so much to live for, I want everyone to live to see it.

Have a great day wherever you are in the world, and let me know you’re ok, leave a comment, tell me how it is where you are.

Peace and love – The Online Busker.

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