Hey all! Hope everyone has enjoyed/is enjoying the festive season!! Hope everyone has had a happy, healthy Christmas! I loved it! had a great time staring at my tree! Sounds a bit dull to most, but if you’ve ever been in a position where you didn’t think you’d see another,Continue Reading

So here we are in the bit between Christmas and New year…it’s a time for mulling over in your mind, daydreaming perhaps, about “next year”, that huge abyss that we know nothing about yet…..are you afraid? Nervous? Excited? Is anyone making plans, resolutions (god forbid we use that stupid word)Continue Reading

IT’S DECEMBER!!!!!! It’s December!! Christmas month!! I love Christmas, and honestly didn’t think I’d see another! I’m immensely grateful for that. It’s getting colder here now, and we usually go home to Manchester for Christmas but not this year. A Spanish Christmas it will be then!! Plenty of food andContinue Reading