It’s December!! Christmas month!! I love Christmas, and honestly didn’t think I’d see another! I’m immensely grateful for that. It’s getting colder here now, and we usually go home to Manchester for Christmas but not this year. A Spanish Christmas it will be then!! Plenty of food and wine for everybody!
I haven’t practised guitar all that much, but more about that on the “My Recovery” page.

It’s cold here now (Close to Madrid, Spain), it’s -6 today!! So where are you in the world?? Is it as cold as here?? What are you doing for December? I’d love to know your Christmas plans! It’s fantastic hearing about what other people do at this time of year!
Write me a message at the bottom of the page and tell me what you’re up to! Is it cold where you are or do you live at the beach? Do you celebrate Christmas where you are, or a different celebration? It’s all welcome on my page! Let’s hear your stories!
Any musicians out there going busking?? Where do you go?

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That’s it for today! Work to do! (Guitar to practise!) hey, you can buy me a Christmas beer if you like!

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