Hello out there in the world! As many of you know, I’m the Online Busker from Manchester UK. I’m recovering from my second stroke which was just a couple of years ago, affecting my right side.

I obviously can’t work as much as I did before, and there are a few bits and bobs I would like, to help towards building my studio and the making of my original blues and folk/pop music.

So if anyone out there feels generous enough to help a guy out, I would be most appreciative! Check out the Amazon wishlist here on the right.

Massive thanks to anyone who gets involved!

Have a marvelous day wherever you are in the world, stay safe and well!

Peace and love to all.

–The Online Busker

How are you doing in the lockdown? Where are you in the world? Let me know how it’s going for you! Are you dying to get back to the office? (Not really no?) Are you getting fed up? Bored?

Are you sitting looking at Amazon wondering what to buy next? Worry no more! Check out my Amazon wishlist! You caould help me in my quest to turn my music room into more of a studio! Plenty of things to choose from, mics if you feel extra generous! Strings if the purse strings are tight! It all helps!
Cheers to anyone who gets involved!

So it’s 2020! We all have hopes and dreams for the year to come, some people want to change their job, get a new car, go on that holiday they’ve always wanted, others are slightly less materialistic…just want to be/get/stay healthy (I fall into the last category there!)

What do you want from 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Me? Just want to continue writing music and recording songs, (apart from the obvious “not having more health problems”, that goes without saying). I have quite a few songs written and would like to record and release them this year. Not to be famous or make money, as if that would happen! ha! No thanks! It would just be so I could say “hey look, I did that!”

That’s where I need help!! I really want to turn my music room into more of a “studio” to get the best recordings possible, and there are a few things I need to do that…..acoustic panels for the walls….better mic choices….and other bits and bobs…..all there on the wishlist if anyone feels generous!

Don’t forget! As always, I’ll take a nice beer, anytime!

Cheers! Have a good one! I truly hope you achieve what you desire this year!

August 2022

Hope everyone has had a happy, healthy Christmas! I loved it! had a great time staring at my tree! Sounds a bit dull to most, but if you’ve ever been in a position where you didn’t think you’d see another, it’s truly a great gift.

2020 to come!! I hope to do lots of videos next year, and if anyone feels generous enough to help me with guitar strings, cleaning gear etc, to keep me making videos, it would be very much appreciated!! Check the wishlist! Cheers! or as always, you can just buy me a coffee! It all helps!

Only 6 days until the big, fluffy, white day!!

It’s December! It’s finally arrived! 23 days left and the clock is counting. If anyone feels generous enough to help me out this year I’ll be very grateful!

Massive thanks to anyone who gets involved!

Hey if you just wanna buy me a Christmas beer, that’s great too!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to ya!