What’s Next?

So it’s all over, the festivities have ended. Now we have the huge abyss that is the year ahead. Lots of people will be shouting “Alexa, play xxxxx” , kids will be playing with toys/playstations/mobile phones….. while adults will be making plans for drawing on the massive blank paper that is life.

I’ve never made plans, always gone where the wind has blown me, but now I’m old and have a job (how did that happen??) I used to put a guitar over my shoulder and live on the wind. I guess it happens to us all right? Sad tho it is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “passive income”, that seems to be the way forward these days. If you don’t know what that means, imagine someone with a YouTube channel with a million subscribers, not having to “go to a place of work and swap time/skills for money” which is what we all do. Even a footballer swaps his time for money, a lot of money granted, but still has to “go to work”. A YouTuber with a million subscribers makes money in his/her sleep. That’s passive income. Imagine going for a walk, stopping in a nice little cafe for a coffee, reading the daily news on your tablet and making money while you do that?? What kinds of people make money passively? People with very successful websites who put adverts on them, successful YouTubers (if you want to see how much money people on YouTube make, check out https://socialblade.com/ )
Who else? Instagram “influencers” , make-up tutorials seem to be the most popular, can’t see myself doing that, but never say never! I’ll try anything once!
People who own property and rent it out, that’s a good passive income stream.

Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments! Get involved! Also, hey, if you haven’t already, hit the big, red “Subscribe” button on the front page!! That helps me in my goal for passive income!

At the moment I “work smart not hard”, that’s to say, do the bulk of my weekly work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving Thursday very light and a 3 day weekend. It’s still not passive income, but it’s a start. I work from home too, so that’s got rid of a lot of the annoying things about “going to work”…..putting a suit on, travelling on a crowded bus/metro, putting a face on for your colleagues, come on you all do that!

Ok let’s deal with the elephant in the room, New Year’s resolutions. Seriously? Ok, I’ll try to play more guitar, definitely try to write more songs and DEFINITELY try to record what I already have written, for a blues EP. If you’ve made it this far, I need help with recording acoustic guitar, there’s a Lewitt LCT140 Air on my wishlist if anyone feels like helping me out.

That’s it for today, sorry for the long post, let me know YOUR resolutions in the comments.

If you’re a stroke survivor reading this, all the very best to you, keep your chin up, don’t give up, ever. I’m counting on you! Let me know how you’re doing. If you just need a chat, send me a message, I’m a good listener!

One last thing, be kind to each other, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, try to be kind.


The Online Busker.

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