Leavin’ Blues, the 2nd song from my upcoming EP “Dear Eric”, is out now on all platforms! Give it a listen and follow me on Spotify (or whichever platform you use)

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Stay safe and well.

Peace and love

-The Online Busker

I have had an overwhelming response to my first song, over TEN THOUSAND plays, TWO THOUSAND monthly listeners and almost FOUR HUNDRED new followers! So a massive thanks to all who have stopped by for a listen on whichever platform you use! I really appreciate it so much! That said, my new single “Leavin Blues” will be available on October 12th! You can of course, pre-save it. Just click the link below! Thank you!


Lonely Blues is now available on Spotify! Go check it out!

I’m also making another EP, a bit more “folk/pop” style, with the emphasis on folk……….details to follow shortly!