You can now check out my latest single “The Rain”, available on all platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music etc etc..

It’s a simple song, in the singer/songwriter genre, if that’s even a genre these days!

You can listen here on Spotify:

If you prefer to have music downloaded to your device, no worries, I’ve got you covered! You can get a free mp3 download here:


I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and as always, hit the big, red subscribe button on the front page of this website to join my YouTube channel!

Thank you!

Peace & love.

  • The Online Busker

Hey world, how’s it going? There’s an easy answer to that one, right? Covid is ravaging through our lives! Unprecedented times in the “modern” world we live in.

So I’ve been busy writing songs in lockdown, and originally was waiting to have enough material, thinking I would release an album. I changed my mind and decided to release some singles, so here’s one that’s been sat on my laptop for a while, I just thought, “I should release this one instead of it doing nothing!”


Cheers to anyone who pre-saves it!

Stay safe and well people!

Peace and love

  • The Online Busker

Leavin’ Blues, the 2nd song from my upcoming EP “Dear Eric”, is out now on all platforms! Give it a listen and follow me on Spotify (or whichever platform you use)

As always, thanks to anyone who stops by for a listen. Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube too! Just click the big, red “subscribe” button on the front page of this website!

Stay safe and well.

Peace and love

-The Online Busker

I have had an overwhelming response to my first song, over TEN THOUSAND plays, TWO THOUSAND monthly listeners and almost FOUR HUNDRED new followers! So a massive thanks to all who have stopped by for a listen on whichever platform you use! I really appreciate it so much! That said, my new single “Leavin Blues” will be available on October 12th! You can of course, pre-save it. Just click the link below! Thank you!


Lonely Blues is now available on Spotify! Go check it out!

I’m also making another EP, a bit more “folk/pop” style, with the emphasis on folk……….details to follow shortly!