Hoping to continue helping others this year, making videos, writing songs etc. Always need guitar strings if anyone feels like helping! Cheers!

Hope everyone has had a happy, healthy Christmas! I loved it! had a great time staring at my tree! Sounds a bit dull to most, but if you’ve ever been in a position where you didn’t think you’d see another, it’s truly a great gift.

2020 to come!! I hope to do lots of videos next year, and if anyone feels generous enough to help me with guitar strings, cleaning gear etc, to keep me making videos, it would be very much appreciated!! Check the wishlist! Cheers! or as always, you can just buy me a coffee! It all helps!

Only 6 days until the big, fluffy, white day!!

It’s December! It’s finally arrived! 23 days left and the clock is counting. If anyone feels generous enough to help me out this year I’ll be very grateful!

Massive thanks to anyone who gets involved!

Hey if you just wanna buy me a Christmas beer, that’s great too!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to ya!