Fuck Spotify etc…

Hello world, what’s happening? So I’m so sick of the modern music industry where people basically don’t have to pay Jack shit to listen to your art,  I’ve taken my music down from all streaming services. Have also sacked Distrokid.

When I can get round to it will upload something to CD Baby, and ONLY release on iTunes. Then if anybody likes my songs, they can fucking well buy them! If they don’t then bollocks too, couldn’t give a toss!

Everybody in the world should sack Spotify and the likes, then if you like a song, buy it! Fuck all this paying the artist €0.0004c per stream, it’s a fucking disgrace and should be outlawed. Just to paint a picture so people get it, Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify) is worth nigh on a billion dollars…. and they basically piss on artists!! Obviously not saying Apple are saints, far from it, Dick Turpin-esque absolutely. But, at least you basically have the opportunity to buy an album, or single if you like it, or pay the subscription fee for Apple Music so the artist gets something for his/her craft! None of this free account/pay piss all like a robbing, thieving gyspy scumbag, wanting the world for free.

Anyway, rant over. Feel better after that! Do you agree with me? Or not? (that’s cool too!)

Let me know!

Peace and love

-The Online Busker

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